Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Go BIG with Your Offer - Or expect your campaign to fail!

99% of funnels fail because they have a weak offer.

Now this doesn't mean the product or service is weak.

Because that's the thing, your product or service is NOT your Offer.

That's just one component of it.

Your offer is the entire package that you are ..... well.... offering!

Are there payment terms with your offer?

"Don't  pay for 30 days".

"3 equal payments"

Is the buyer assuming any risk purchasing from you?

What are your guarantees?

Do you have a 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Guarantee?

Do you go even further with a 90 Day "Conditional" Guarantee?

Are there any "Bonuses" that accompany your offer?

It's all about how you package your offer.

Would you rather buy 2 cookies for 99 cents, or would you rather "Buy 1 - Get 1 FREE" for 99 cents?

And you can't just have all these add-ons that accompany your product or service, you've got to talk about them and sell them just as hard as the core product.

If you want to learn more about Offers, as well as the other 4 Pillars of an Empathic Marketing Strategy, then be sure to hop on my next "One Thing" Masterclass.

Here's the link:

Go BIG with Your Offer - Or expect your campaign to fail!

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