Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Listen to you intuition. Quit trying to force it. Save your time and money!

Have you ever heard that voice in the back of your brain saying "this isn't right?"

We've all heard and we've all ignored it.

Sometimes we get away with it, but most times it comes with a price.

You may lose money. You may lose time. You may lose face.

Last winter I cut down a basswood tree that I so wanted to be a maple tree when I went out to cut it up this summer.

I had just invested so much time in that tree and if it ended up being a basswood, then it would be worthless for heating my house.

So, despite how easy my chainsaw went through the wood and despite how white the wood was, I kept trying to convince myself that this log really was a maple.

Luckily I eventually accepted the truth and it only cost me 1 round trip of log delivery.

What have you tried to force in your business that in your heart you knew wasn't working or wasn't going to work?

 We've all worked hard on an offer or a product that we really wanted to work but sometimes the audience doesn't respond like we want it to.

And sometimes we just have to listen to that inner voice and move on before we waste too much time and lose too much.

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