Thursday, June 7, 2018

Time Management - Part 2 - A Tool

As a firefighter I was taught to never enter a fire or any situation without a tool in hand. Most of the time, my tool of choice was an axe. I just figured if the fire every crept up around me an axe would give me a fighting chance of creating a new way way to exit.

As an entrepreneur who need help with time management, I figured a tool for that would be a good idea as well.

Back when I had some Filipino VAs working for me, I used a software tool called Time Doctor to allow me to kee track of the time they worked for me. With the tool they were able to log their hours and title what project they were working on. I was able to "spy" on them by seeing screenshots during the times they stated they were working for me.

So if I saw screenshots of Facebook or Youtube during times when they shouldn't have been on those platforms, I knew they were messing around. Or if I noticed the screenshots didn't change over time, I could guess they probably weren't at their computer when they were billing me.

Once I stopped using VAs, I also stopped used Time Doctor.

But everything I did to track the VAs I could use to track my own productivity.

So now, to help ensure I stay true to my weekday Standard Operating Procedures, I also utilize Time Doctor. I find this tool helps me stay accountable to myself and it's also handy to look back at my time logs and see where I spent the bulk of my time and how much time I spent on time wasting sites.

Just go to to sign up for Time Doctor Lite for free.

I know it is helping me with my Time Management. 

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