Tuesday, June 26, 2018

This one thing sells 100x better than any Apple product

Alright so today day what I want to talk about is something that sells a hundred times, a thousand times, a million times better than any Apple product.

Now you probably think I'm crazy, but I'm not, because we know Apple products sell like hotcakes but... The thing that sells more than Apple does is HOPE.

And so if you are trying to market something, if you're trying to sell something, then people aren't buying your product for your product…

They're buying your products for what they hope your product will provide. That's even true for Apple. People aren’t buying the iPhone X because they want a phone.
They’re buying the phone because they hope that they're going to be able to take some pictures. They hope that the facial recognition will be cool. They hope that their friends will be impressed that they have an iPhone X! That's why people buy stuff. It's because of the hope.

Now let me tell you about something that has sold more than anything else in the world and it's hope related. The thing has been sold to billions upon billions of people and I'm not exaggerating.
It’s religion.
Think about the reason most people believe in religion.  It's because they hope that there is something more.
It's based on faith and the hope is that we are in this world for a period of time. But we're hoping that there's more than just this earthly existence, regardless of the faith that you believe in. We hope that there is something after. We hope that there is a heaven. We hope that there's reincarnation.  We hope that there is something after this life and it's because of that hope of something more that we have to have faith.
Now think about it if religion just as it is but with a slight modification...
What if God or Buddha or Allah whoever said. “Everything stays the same. But sorry guys. But once you're dead you're dead. That's it that's over.”
I wonder how well religion would sell if that was the case? If there was no hope of anything more.
Okay, so there’s an example from religion, let’s look at politics now!
One of the reasons Trump won was because of the hope that he was offering.
“Let's make America great again”
There's a lot of hope in that statement.
There's the hope that if you elect Trump then America will be great again.
Hillary’s slogan was “I’m with her”…. Where’s the hope in that??? It's nowhere near as powerful as Let's Make America Great Again.
Past president’s (so the guys who won the election) also had strong slogans of hope. Obama was “Change we need.”
Change means hope. Change means things aren't going to be the same as they were. Things are going to be different. Things are going to be better.
So you have to keep that in mind when you're selling stuff. What do people hope to get from your product or service and how can you communicate that hope to them?
How can you communicate that their dream will come true?
So if you're selling a product or service you have to keep that in mind. You have to keep in mind that your clients aren't buying your product for your product. They're buying it for the hope that it will do something more.
For those of you who know Russell Brunson, I think you'll all agree he's one heck of a marketer.
What is Russell's slogan these days?
His slogan is “You're only one funnel away…” and then he leaves you hanging.
You're only one funnel away… which allows you to fill in the blank.  Which is genius. He did it on purpose. Maybe some of you have the goal of making a million dollars. Others of you may want to help a million people. Others may want to sell a million copies of their book…
So you’re “only one funnel away” from fulfilling your dream. There’s some pretty big hope in that statement!
This is why I say that as a marketer selling products you really have to focus on the hope of your product. But as a consumer you need to be careful, because in this case the reality is one funnel isn't going to cut it.
Maybe a very, very, very, small percentage of people might get lucky with one funnel. Russell loves to tell stories of how he was only one funnel away. He talks about how he had this huge company, and then he got into some trouble somehow, and he couldn't make payroll, and everything was going to hell on him….
So what did he do? He launched a funnel and that saved him.
That one funnel brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars and it saved everything. So he was only one funnel away…
But the thing you've got to keep in mind is that funnel was just one tactic in his overall strategy. He'd already been in the business for a long, long time. So he already had a list. He already had a reputation. He already had credibility.
So that “one funnel” did help him. And I'm not saying it didn't. But for most people who are just buying Clickfunnels, they need to consider more than just the hope of one funnel, they need to consider the reality of their situation.
“You’re only one funnel away” can be a little bit misleading for those just venturing online for their first time. Because if you don't have a list, if you don't have any marketing chops, if you don't have any credibility, if you don't have the right mindset… then that funnel isn't going to help you.
So what's the moral of this story? The moral of the story is if you're selling something you've got to sell the hope your product elicits.  But when you're buying something I want to be open to using your critical thinking skills.
I think deep down all of us know that if we want to succeed online it's going to take more than just ONE THING. Even if that one thing is a funnel!
I'm not saying you don't need a funnel, because you will need a funnel as part of all the things you need but a funnel on its own is unlikely to cut it.
But as a marketing tool, this one hope-building sentence is amazing. It's good because it leaves the door open for Russell to sell even more! Once he’s got you hooked on this hope, once you’re “all in”, now you’re in a position to do whatever it takes.
And here’s what happens with 90% of funnels. And that percentage is even higher with first time funnel builders… the funnel flops! It turns up great big donuts.
So what do you do? You go back to Russell and Clickfunnels and try to find out what went wrong?
Then suddenly it’s clear. Your funnel didn’t succeed because your copy wasn’t good enough.
So what do you do? You buy Funnel Scripts.
So now you’ve got great copy and an awesome email campaign, but your funnel is still not converting.
Your funnel may still suck, but your hope is still there. You still believe that you are only one funnel away.
So what do you do now??? You join Funnel University. THAT must be the missing link to your success. You just need to join Russell’s continuity program. Because if you start sending your hard earned money to Russell every single month, how can you possibly fail?
And that's the genius of “you're only one funnel away”. By keeping that hope within you, Russell can keep selling to you, and selling to you, and selling to you. So it's genius! It's genius from the seller's perspective but from a consumer's perspective it kind of sucks…
You got into the whole funnel game because you thought you were one funnel away. And in a week or two you were going to have to hire an accountant to count all your money. But the reality is you're spending way more than you’re earning.
So here's the thing people, like I said in my last blog post,  there's no 3 secrets that are going to open the castle for you. There's no one funnel that's going to bring you all the wealth that you ever desired. You have do the work and that's it. You do the work.

And there's three things that I keep talking about, that if you are consistent, things then you will get results. Now there's lots of moving parts that you have to stay on top of. And I’m not trying to paint these 3 things as 3 shortcut secrets. But these are the elements you need for online success.
I’ve even got a name for them now… “The MCM Blueprint”.
Now you may think that stands for “Mike Caldwell Marketing”. Yeah that’d be pretty cool. But it's not that.
First, it's Marketing. You need to know marketing strategy. You have to have marketing chops. 
Second is Credibility. If you want to succeed online people have to know, like and trust you.
And third is mindset. You can know everything there is to know about marketing. Everyone in the world can know, like and trust you. But if you don’t have the Mindset to take action, then you’re not going anywhere.
So I built out the marketing MCM Blueprint. Which stands for. Marketing, Credibility and Mindset. I think we all know deep down that those are the three things you need if you really want to succeed online.
But again hope is where it's at. Whether it's selling religion, or politics, or software or a new car… It doesn’t matter whatever you're selling. It's got to hope.
Time and again, since the dawn of time, we have seen hope sell. It’s the one thing in this world right now that can still outsell the latest iPhone release.

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