Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Mike Caldwell, Before I was the Marketing Medic

I would say that I've lead a relatively interesting life since graduating high school in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

I went to university to study wildlife biology, although I don't think I ever really pictured myself as a wildlife biologist. What does a wildlife biologist with only an undergraduate degree do anyway?

I worked as a lifeguard during the school years and in the summers I worked as a whitewater raft guide on the Ottawa, Coppermine (Canadian Arctic) and Ubaye (French Alps, France) Rivers.

In 1992, I spent 3 months doing volunteer work in Guyana, South America.

I actually dropped out of university at one point because David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson convinced me that it was a good idea (you'll have to watch the video for the full story there!)

I lived in my van in the Safeway parking lot of Englewood, Colorado while I went to paramedic school.

I got married by mistake, but got the change to be a firefighter and Copper Mountain Ski Patroller.

I started an air ambulance helicopter service (that was kinda by luck), and worked at that until I fell off a 35' cliff and broke my arm, leg, and back.

Then I sold my house and log cabin and bought a 6,000 square foot sawmill in the dead of Canadian winter.

The rest of the story is to be continued....

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