Friday, June 1, 2018

Increase Your Online Sales by Giving the Option NOT to Buy

If online marketers today really wanted to increase their online sales, then they would just stop for a minute, look at what they're doing and ask themselves if they strategy they are going with actually works anywhere in the real world???

I see so many sales funnels today that are so jammed packed with features it's hard for me to decide which features could possibly apply to me. Let's compare this approach to a Honda car salesman.

Let's imagine the Honda store manager told his staff that a $1000 bonus would be given to anyone who sells an Accord that has been sitting on the showroom floor for too long.

Let's imagine a customer walking through the door of the store and a salesperson immediately jumps on the customer.

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Before the customer can even ask where the washroom is, she learns that this Accord has 19" rims, a V6, 185 horsepower engine, with a leather interior, 32 airbags, 16 cupholders, backup camera, bluetooth and wifi, with a 5-star safety rating.

And then the salesperson asks her to make an offer!

He expects that the first words she says to him will be an offer on a car that, 5 minutes earlier, she had no intention of buying.

Sadly, this is how most sales funnels are set up to make their online sales... 

If You Want to Increase Your Online Sales, Then Make it the Prospect's Idea To Purchase

Here's the thing... nobody likes to be sold to, but everyone likes to buy.

In order to increase your online sales, you need to first create a relationship with your prospect.

Now if you have an amazing offer, an emotionally compelling, intellectually intriguing Big Idea with a Unique Mechanism and a supporting platform that address any and all limiting or false beliefs, then your page has a decent chance.

But even then, if your traffic is cold and nobody has ever heard of you before, then conversions are going to be tough to get.

So how would a savvy Honda salesman approach this walk-in customer?

Well he would introduce himself first and learn who she is. He'd direct her to the washroom and have a coffee waiting for her upon her return.

He would then find out what she is looking for in a car.

Once he learned that she has a large, sports-minded family, he's show her the big Honda SUV. He's explain how great it would be for transporting both people and gear....  the drawbacks are the expense of the vehicle and the poor gas mileage.

"of course, surprisingly the Honda Accord has nearly the same overall cargo space and gets much better gas mileage. Let me show you the new Honda Civic, it's one of the most economical vehicles on the road today."

The drawbacks with the Civic though, is it's pretty cramped for 3 people in the back seat, and the trunk can only hold one hockey back.

"of course, the Accord seats 5 people comfortably, has a spacious trunk, and costs much less than the SUV. Let me show you the Honda Odyssey..."

At this point, the woman should be wondering why you're just not showing her the Accord! And if all goes right, she'll ask to see it and hopefully take it for a test drive.

Now she is asking the salesman what she needs to do to purchase the car, meaning he no longer has to "sell" it!

How to Use this Same Strategy to Increase Online Sales

With most sales funnels today the choice is binary. They either take you up on your offer or they don't. There is no other choice.

This is why I believe it's important to offer your prospect the option NOT TO BUY!

And by "buy" I mean in terms of paying in cash or even with an email address.

Give your prospect the opportunity to learn a little bit more about you. To find how who you are, what you know, how you can help?

In fact, you may even have arrived at this blog from one of my sales funnels.  I may have wanted you to give me your email in exchange for some offer or value I can provide you.

But maybe you've never heard from me before. You don't know if I'm legit. If I'm going to Spam or Scam you.

Hopefully by seeing this blog you'll see that I'm a real dude. I also hope that you'll like what you're reading here. That you'll see what I am saying makes sense and you would like to go a little deeper to see what other value I can provide.

Which is why on the right side of this page you'll see links to some of my offers.

Once I proved my credibility here I'm hoping you'll trust me with your email and from there maybe even your money when you buy into one of my programs.

Everything I do centers around my offers. So although I have given you the option not to buy, I am still working at building a relationship with you so that one day you will.

It's like the Honda salesman. He kept circling around that Honda Accord, but he didn't actually present the Accord to the customer until she was ready to see it.

Think about this with your next campaign. Put yourself in your prospect's shoes. Are they in a place to even consider your offer or would you both be better served by building some credibility and a relationship first?

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