Thursday, June 14, 2018

Backstory behind the "Overnight Success"

I've been a BuilderAll affiliate for close to 3 months and I've been happy with my progress in selling it and growing my team.

I've enrolled 76 people so far and since the product launched in the US, only 2 people (both on my team) have qualified for the new car bonus that you get for enrolling 100 people. And both those people have sizeable lists. I on the other don't!

So I think I'm doing pretty well staying up with the "big boys". Then, out of nowhere this guy Alex shows up and sells $18,000 in commissions, about 160 sign ups in 5 freakin' days!

This guy came out of nowhere and is the classic definition of an overnight success. Of course, everyone wanted to know what his "secret" was? What Facebook ad did he use? What landing page? What did he say in his email?

Of course, once we heard Alex's story, we learned he was hardly an "overnight" success. This guy has been grinding for years. He's been creating content. He's been adding value. He's been building his tribe. He's created authority and credibility.

So when a guy like this send out an email to his list of 5000 people (who are also all interested in affiliate marketing), significant results are bound to occur.

When asked what people with no list to do, he didn't hesitate in telling them to start growing their list! Start making videos. Start producing content. Start providing value. Start building your tribe. Start building credibility.

After he explained this, do you know what questions were asked?

What funnel did you use? What did your email say? How many questions were in your application?

Here's the thing, if Alex sent one of his tribe to a funnel that was written in gibberish with a "Buy Now" button, that person still would have bought. The funnel wasn't the important point. It was the referral and who the referral was from.

People somehow think that your Facebook ad or your funnel can do the work for you... THEY CAN'T!

I basically teach exactly what I have done to find online success.

Last week one of my students quit, quite apologetically. He said I was awesome, my course was great, he got a ton of value from it.... but it just wasn't working for him.

He had been in my group for 8 months or so.

But here's the thing... in all that time he didn't create his client avatar. He didn't come up with a Big Idea, a Unique Mechanism, an offer, or a platform.

He didn't do anything that I taught him in the course. So was the course not working for him, or was he not doing the work???

I saw the same thing in Clickfunnels Certification. People paid $10k. They completed all the lessons. They got certified and then they built crappy funnels for themselves. They didn't apply anything they were taught. And then they didn't pay to drive any traffic to their page.

And then they complained because they said they couldn't make any money with Certification!

For some reason people believe that making money online is like making money magically. It's not!!!!

You have to do the work.

I don't care if you work with me, Russell Brunson, Todd Brown, Brendon Bouchard.... you can "learn" all you want, but if you don't take action, the results are NEVER going to come.

Quit believing that as soon as you find the right "3 Secrets" your days of doing any work are over.

Here's the thing. It took Alex 3 years to become an "overnight success" and make $18,000 in 5 days.

So you have 2 choices:

1) You can start now, doing the work that Alex did and in 3 years you too might become an overnight success.


2) You can keep searching for those 3 secrets for the next 3 year, and in 3 years I can pretty much guarantee that where you are today, is where you'll be then (if not worse off).

Please people. Accept the fact that in order to succeed you need to DO THE WORK!

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