Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Marketing Advice for a Las Vegas Drug Dealer!

In my last blog about the Las Vegas street walkers I explained whey I was in Vegas and what I was doing while I was there.
On my way back to my hotel from speaking with the ladies, a drug dealer said "Coke? Marijuana?"
I barely heard him so it took me a few steps to process. But once I did understand what he said I called back to him.
I think he was excited about making a sale, but what I gave him was even more valuable! MARKETING ADVICE!
Now, please don't misunderstand, I am NOT condoning the use of drugs. I just like seeing in what niches I can apply my Empathic Marketing Strategy.
What Danny (the drug dealer) was doing wrong was he was focused on a Product Aware market, which is the smallest market available to him.
The only  people he would be able to sell his drugs to, using his method, are people actively seeking marijuana or cocaine.

There are 4 levels of awareness:

1) Unaware (that they even have a problem)
2) Problem aware (they know they have a problem but don't realize a solution exists, "that's just life I guess")
3) Solution aware (they know they have a problem and they know they "can" do something about it)
4) Product aware (Apple users are the most "product aware". Apple users will buy a new Apple product before knowing the first thing about it.)

The market is biggest at Level 1 and grows increasingly smaller as you progress through the levels. Level 1 takes the most education to convert a sale. Level 4, requires very little education. Again, think of Apple.
So I told Danny he needs to broaden his market and address the Unaware market. That's where I was!
Like the street walkers, I suggested that he not go for the sale in his first 2 word sentence!
Try and engage people in a dialogue. People in Vegas aren't generally in a rush to get anywhere and should be open to a conversation while standing at an intersection.
In my case, he could have asked what brought me to Vegas and what I was doing that night?
I had tickets to a comedy club. He could have asked if I knew any of the comics performing?I did not.
He could have asked if I knew of a way that would GUARANTEE I loved and laughed super hard at the show.
Since I was problem unaware.... I didn't think there was anything I could do about comics that aren't funny!
But what if I took a couple of drags of marijuana before the show???
What would I find funny then???
Well, probably pretty much everything!
Now, I didn't buy anything from Danny and I don't know what his prices were, but I bet for a $10 per joint or whatever, there are a bunch of people who would have paid to ensure they giggle through the entire comedy show.

But this blog entry isn't about drug dealing... it's about identifying the level of awareness of your client avatar and educating them to the point that purchasing your product is the only solution to a problem they may have just learned they have!

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