Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Marketing Medic is LIVE!

This past weekend I attended the Funnel Hacking Live event in San Diego, California.

It was super cool for a number of reasons. I guess if I was to be honest with you and myself, I'd say the coolest part was having a video testimonial I prepared for Russell Brunson to be shared on the "big screen" to the 1100+ event attendees.

Of course the testimonial was reciprocated and Russell was very gracious in singing my praises on more than one occasion.

I had multiple people approach me to ask if I could help with their funnels, traffic and all around marketing strategy.

But ego aside, the speakers and people at the event were all absolutely amazing.

Even though this was a marketing conference, the speaker content wasn't really about marketing tactics and strategies. Rather it was more a personal development conference where attendees were encouraged to "find their voice" and their own unique "super power".

These messages served as epiphanies or revelations for me.

As my business name states I am "the Marketing Medic". I call myself that because I was paramedic for 12 years before becoming a marketing mogul. I have honestly found dozens of parallels between the way I worked as a medic then and the way I work as a marketer now.

As a medic, I was very skilled. When I worked in the hospital in Leadville, if the anaesthesiologist wasn't in house, then I was called on to establish the hardest IVs.

But despite the hard skills I had, my greatest asset was the relationship I was able to form with my patients. I was always able to communicate with them what had happened to them, what was happening and what would happen next. This communication served to put my patients at ease and release some of their stress and anxiety.

Now as a marketer, I see the same skill sets emerging. I am best able to work with my clients and strategize with them to develop the best marketing approach.

Sure I can physically build lead generation funnels and Facebook ads. But the mechanical development aspects of these tasks is the easy part. The tough part is identifying the right target market and offer and creating the content to promote it.

That can't be done alone. That is done in collaboration with the client.

That is what I'm best at. That is my "superpower".

So moving forward, I'm going to outsource more of the mechanical aspects of my marketing business and focus on the more cerebral elements. This is how I can provide the most value to my clients.

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